Top 5 Restaurants in Connecticut

Connecticut has many restaurants catered especially to tourists which offer exciting dining experiences. With many different food festivals and events, there is a big love for food and exciting food events in the state. This article provides a focus on the most popular restaurants in Connecticut


Elm is based in New Canaan in Connecticut and provides some of the biggest burgers in the state. The Chef at Elm is Luke Venner and is known for being one of the best chefs for pasta and is the soul of the restaurant.

Elm changes annually providing exciting changes every time one visits the restaurant.

Tavern at Graybarns

Tavern at Graybarns is situated in Norwalk along the Silvermine River and once hosted Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher on their honeymoon. They provide bright, farmhouse-style aesthetics and the meals at the tavern are a go-to spot for many locals and tourists. They also received visits from Hollywood Star Spencer Tracy.

Walking into the restaurant, you will immediately notice the glamorous history. The Tavern at Graybarns uses local farms as suppliers for their ingredients, thus providing them with fresh ingredients all the time.

Grano Also

Grano Also is situated in Chester, Connecticut. This award-winning restaurant is famous for its homemade pasta and boasts high-end Italian cuisine which is all made from locally sourced ingredients. Their menus are seasonally inspired, making each visit exciting.

The service and all waitrons are knowledgeable on all meals and ingredients. The restaurant is set in the former Old Savings Bank which was built in 1902. It is known to be a quaint and intimate destination for relaxed evenings.

The drinks are another great attribute to Grano Also. They provide a fantastic selection of Italian wine, local beers, and cocktails set to work with specific meals.


Taproot is based in Bethel. A hidden gem in Connecticut, they offer a down-to-earth and relaxed vibe in an intimate setting. They provide a menu with only fresh and local ingredients and offer many small plate options as well as takeouts.

The takeout menu is updated weekly and based on seasonal fresh products. Another exciting element to visiting Taproot is that they are set right behind the Bethel Cinema providing a great evening out on the town.

Winivian Farm

The restaurant at Winivian Farm has earned a five AAA Diamonds rating and is set in Morris, Connecticut. They are in the league of the top hotels and luxury restaurants internationally. They provide a great essence for romance and luxurious ambiance with firelit 18th-century dining rooms making visitors feel at home with every visit.

Like many Connecticut restaurants, they use only fresh and locally produced ingredients. This menu immediately sets a fell of farm food which is crafted carefully and harvested locally by themselves on the Winivian Farm.

The wine and drink list are something to look forward to when visiting. Celebrations and events work perfectly well at the Winivian Farm Restaurant.

These restaurants provide a great means to enjoy glorious dishes made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients and products.

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Upcoming Food and Drink Festivals in Connecticut

Connecticut is seen as one of the most popular food destinations in the USA, and thus provides many events around the food industry including many food and wine festivals. In this article, we will focus on some of the most popular annual food and drink festivals taking place in Connecticut.

Shoreline Wine Festival

This festival is all about the end of summer and celebrating it with wine. The Shoreline Wine Festival takes place annually and features a large selection of wines and a variety of food vendors. Entertainment is also provided with music. This great wine festival takes place at Bishops Orchards in Guilford, Connecticut, and is one of the most popular wine festivals in the state.

New England Regional Chili Cook-Off

This Hot Cook-Off provides endless amounts of chili, hot peppers, and the hottest wings eating contest. Live music is provided for extra entertainment throughout the cook-off. The cook-off is hosted by the international chili society and is one of the most anticipated annual food events in Connecticut. The festival takes place in Somers, Connecticut, and is a great way to kick of the summer.

New England Chowdafest

New England’s classic comfort food is known to be Chowder. This is the best option for a variety of comfort food in Connecticut. The Chowdafest will be held on October 1st in Westport, Connecticut. The main competition of the event contains five different categories, including Clam Chowder, Traditional, Creative, soup, and vegetarian.

Milford Oktoberfest

The Milford Oktoberfest presents more than a hundred different types of beer to all beer lovers. American and German food is served throughout the festival. The festival takes place at the end of September and is the place to be for all things German, and beer. The festival provides many local bands and musicians as well as an oompah band and German Dancers.