Connecticut’s Quiet Corner provides a basis for tourism information and how to get the most out of visiting the state and making use of all the tourist attractions.

The state of Connecticut is best known as the ”Constitution State”.It was influential in the development of the federal government of the United States of America. The state is also known for being home to many first-time arrivals in products and services including the first color television, hamburgers, polaroid cameras, and helicopters.

The first-speed limit laws put into action were in the state of Connecticut where drivers were not allowed to drive faster than 12 miles per hour. Many facts around the state can be read in various articles on this website.

Where to Dine

Connecticut’s quiet corner provides a large focus on the dining and food scene of the state. A variety of dining options can be enjoyed, and it proves to be a great experience for tourists as well as locals. Especially with tourists visiting restaurants often, the dining establishments in Connecticut are set to provide great meal ideas to learn about.

Tourist Attractions

The state offers many tourist attractions activities to enjoy. Mystic Seaport is on the top of many lists to visit. There are also plenty of museums, aquariums, castles, lakes, and submarine heritage museums. Visit Connecticut’s quiet corner to learn more about some of the most popular tourist attractions.